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read what musicians over the last few decades have said about gerry gibbs and some of his solo recordings

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"One of the fun things that I look forward to when playing with Gerry, is what part of drum history will I be able to identify when he plays."                
                                                                                                        Ron Carter




“HAHAHA!! SMOKIN’ Gerry! Bach woke up in a new land and started having some real    fun!! Congratulations and Keep on creating - that’s the ticket - Hugs to you!!!!          Chick - From the portals of Forever

                                                                            Chick Corea


“Having had some experience in making solo projects, I am nothing short of being  stunned at the total  effect of the project I just heard from Gerry Gibbs. It's Very musical which I expected, but the minute  detail,  the clean articulation of the keyboard performance and the freshness of the various rhythms…This CD is well worth you stopping your day, listening and seeing the scenes that match the sounds.”


                                                                           Ron Carter




"[Our People] sounds like the soundtrack to the heavens opening up the gates! My brother Gerry is always pushing the envelope and being unapologetically himself!" -                                                                                      

                                                                     Robert Glasper

"It's a beautiful journey and a really enjoyable listen... very well thought of and fun!"                                              



BENITO GONZALES / GERRY GIBBS / ESSIET ESSIET  - PASSION, REVERENCE, TRANSCENDENCE - THE MUSIC OF McCOY TYNER                                                                                PRODUCED BY GERRY GIBBS


What a wonderful surprise in hearing my compositions interpreted by Gerry Gibbs and these wonderful musicians. Their effort and consistency has created beautiful renditions of songs I hold dear to my heart. Thank you for your tribute! 


                              Best regards, McCoy Tyner



"Nice to hear graphically arranged material of Weather Report. 

Keep up with your creative mission!"                     

                            Wayne Shorter  

                  (Co-Founder of the legendary group Weather Report)


"Joe Zawinul always had the utmost respect for maestros Kenny Barron and Ron Carter. 
I am certain that their Thrasher Trio-mate Gerry Gibbs’ name would have been added 
to that select list had Joe been able to hear Gerry’s realization of the music of Weather Report as played by his new trio that includes: Alex Collins on piano, Fender Rhodes, organ & vocals plus Hans Glawischnig on acoustic and electric bass. Here is a unique reading of Weather Report’s music that is totally fun to listen to. As an insider, I can say that this album sheds new light on the WR canon while spotlighting the intrinsic talent and sounds of Gerry’s new band. I feel the better for having heard this recording. 

P.S. Jaco would have loved Hans’ playing on “A Remark You Made” … I know that I do.                                                                                
Peter Erskine
                                                                                                      (Weather Report Alumni)


"Gerry, love your interpretations, really gives me lots of inspirations. Keep this up."
Alex Acuna

                                                                                                          (Weather Report Alumni)


"Great musical interpretations by drummer/visionary Gerry Gibbs of the various songs originally recorded by super-group Weather Report. Gerry's drumming is impeccable throughout. The band really cooks ! A "must have CD!"
                                                   Alphonse Mouzon 
                                                                                                (Original drummer/founding member, Weather Report)


"Gerry Gibbs and Thrasher People visit the music of Weather Report with great
re - interpretations and success, and if that wasn't enough 
on this 2 CD set, you can hear Thrasher People tackle Gerry Gibbs' complex original compositions each of which tell a unique story like the Weather Report tunes...real impressive playing from everyone...
this stuff ain't easy folks! "They kill it!"               
Randy Brecker

                                                                        (Jazz / Fusion Pioneer)



"Gerry is a very interesting artist for me to listen to, he is not only a great drummer with tons of spirit 

and ideas but he is a great arranger and writer. New and fresh ideas being examined from many angles through the eyes of artists who know the roots."

                                                                   Mike Clark

                                                                  (Jazz / Funk Pioneer)


Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio - Live In Studio Featuring
Gerry Gibbs, Ron Carter, Kenny Barron, with guest Cassandra Wilson & Roy Hargrove


Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 2.46.48 AM.png

“Receiving this CD package is kinda like waking up on Christmas morning and finding all of these presents (songs) under the tree, and not knowing which of these gifts (songs) I would open first and dig the most.”
                                            Ron Carter


“It was indeed a pleasure making this recording with Gerry. The songs he chose, the personnel – it was great working with Cassandra Wilson for the first time. She is the consummate professional and very gracious. It was also great to work with the very tasty Roy Hargrove. I think Gerry’s idea for this recording was to not be tied down by any tricky arrangements with bar of this and a bar of that and 9 bars of 11 and 11 bars of 9. He decided to just let the music be what it was going to be and for me, it worked. Thank you Gerry!!!!!!”
                                             Kenny Barron


“What a wondrous day it was; returning home to Systems Two, ground zero for the M-Base Collective. Wine is the gift you bring on such an occasion. Joe and Nancy Marciano still set the table for the musical feast to come. As for Kenny Barron and Ron Carter, they can call me for a gig at the Blue Igloo in Antarctica. I’ll be there. Gerry Gibbs, I didn’t know who you were musically. But now I do. Thank you for the opportunity to share the space with you and my heroes. I am eternally grateful.”                                                                       
Cassandra Wilson


“Gerry Gibbs is a great musician who has a wonderful understanding of tradition and the roll drums play in jazz. I always have fun playing with him.”

                                                             Roy Hargrove

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 2.48.58 AM.png

                               GERRY GIBBS THRASHER DREAM TRIO - WER'E BACK

                                                               FEATURING                                                            GERRY GIBBS, RON CARTER, KENNY BARRON, WARREN WOLF, LARRY GOLDINGS, STEVE WILSON                                               


“It’s interesting to hear how a pop song can sound from a jazz point of view. People don’t understand how difficult it is for the listener and how complicated it is to make a song of one genre fit into another genre. These guys make it sound so easy,they still have no idea how difficult it is. Enjoy the music!”

                                                                               Ron Carter


“The Thrasher has done it again! Nice arrangements of music from Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, and others. It’s always a joy to play with Gerry and Ron Carter.”  


                                                                         Kenny Barron



“Gerry Gibbs is always the quintessential New York drummer: Always creative, highly sensitive, and super swinging.”

                                                                         Larry Goldings


 “Playing & recording with Gerry Gibbs has been such an honor. To be able to record 70’s soul music,that my father played around the house when I was a kid is awesome. “Betcha By Golly Wow” is such a beautiful tune. The first time i heard the song was a version by Prince. The I decided to check the original by The Stylistics and I loved the song ever since. Gerry had the bright mind to bring together master musicians in Steve Wilson, Larry Goldings, Kenny Barron and Ron Carter. This is one album that’ll be sure to rock the house.”

                                                                             Warren Wolf


“It’s more than a notion to craft new takes on iconic music such as this even when you have the greatest musicians on board. Gerry has brilliantly done just that.It simply does not get better than this, so enjoy!”  

                                                   Steve Wilson


“They’re Back! Two of the great masters of American classical music join the dynamic and pulsating artist Gerry Gibbs in their wonderful follow-up CD to last years marvelously received album, Gerry Gibbs’ Thrasher Dream Trio. This time around they bring their gifts to some beloved classic songs from the world of rhythm and blues as well as the world of rock. Yes Folks they’re back! Along with three highly regarded music makers,vibraphonist Warren Wolf, B-3 organist Larry Goldings,and alto-saxophonist Steve Wilson, “We’re Back” offers a delectable serving of song interpretation, many of them, personal favorites of mine.

 “These songs were all arranged by the fantastic Gerry Gibbs, and among the 15 selections I honed in on some of them in an even more special way. 


                                              Monty Alexander


“Thrasher Dream Trio is indeed a very special project. Led by drummer, composer, arranger, bandleader, Gerry Gibbs it includes supremely legendary bassist Ron Carter and incredible pianist Kenny Barron. The concept of remaking R&B jams to classic jazz has typically left me cold but Gerry’s arrangements are truly a schematic for these jazz giants to create their magic. The harmonies are fresh,the rhythms captivating,the melodies compelling and the swinging undeniable. Saxophonist Steve Wilson,Organist Larry Goldings and Vibist Warren Wolf guest on this project adding incredible color and fantastic solos. This is a must CD for serious jazz aficionados and novice jazz listeners as well. Bravo Gerry, I love it!”

                                              Harvey Mason


“We’re Back is a wonderful acknowledgment Gerry Gibbs drum artistry, as he performs with two of the greatest musicians of our time, NEA Jazz Masters, Ron Carter and Kenny Barron, who join with Gerry to celebrate and explore The Motown Songbook.”

                                                                   Geri Allen


“I’m sure this recording will touch a lot of folks! Gerry Gibbs has put together another fun and swinging session with a new spin on some of the best R&B classics of the day. This recording will capture you from start to finish. Enjoy!”


                                                                     Joe Lovano





“I’ve met a new rhythm section partner in Gerry Gibbs, and I look forward to joining him again in making music. Given all the work that it took, he did fantastic job in putting it all together.”

                                                                           Ron Carter


“It was a thrill and a challenge making this recording with Gerry. As a composer and arranger,he really keeps you on your toes. As a player, he’s exciting, fiery and creative. I mentioned to Gerry, that I spent quite a few sleepless nights while practicing the music, but it was well worth it.”    

                                                                             Kenny Barron


 “Gerry’s arrangement of Burt Bacharach’s “Promises, Promises” made a jazz standard of that song. Gerry also came up with a unique version of “The Shadow of Your Smile”. I have never had the pleasure of hearing it like that and may never again. The ultimate treat for me was a song of Gerry’s entitled “The Woman On The T.V. Screen” written for his wife, Kyeshie. It is a piece of extreme beauty. I really enjoyed this album!” 

                                                             Johnny Mandel                                                         (Composer Of The "Shadow Of Your Smile")

Mandel_Johnny-SHOF copy.jpg

“Some of the best music I’ve heard in quite some time. With artist like Gerry Gibbs, Ron Carter and Kenny Barron one cannot go wrong.” The groove is tight, and the arrangements are right”. This CD should be in everyone’s collection!”


                                                                          Roy Ayers


The jazz piano trio has always been the most definitive expression of Jazz. I believe that. Nat Cole, George Shearing, Fats Waller, Jelly Roll Morton, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Bud Powell are a few of the trios that come to mind who inspired many generations of music lovers. Gerry Gibbs, Ron Carter and Kenny Barron have created a very big contribution that will take its place in the Jazz Piano Hall Of Fame.Thank all of you! Thank you for the hours of listening and healing and pleasure that we all are sure to enjoy!”

                                                                          Joe Sample


You know there is something special about trio performances, especially when you a group of musicians who are tuned into one another. This album represents that quality of simpatico. It’s obvious they are listening to each other.Besides the musicianship being high, Gerry’s arrangements are fresh and unexpected.My hats off to you gentlemen. Well done!”        

                                                                              George Duke


“I’ve had the pleasure of playing with Gerry in a number of situations. To my ears, he is one of the most talented jazz drummer’s on the scene right now. But what really knocks me out the most about him is his brilliance as a composer/arranger/bandleader. His vision is truly unique and one of the most interesting voices out there. He is in great company on this CD, with Ron and Kenny and the music they create together. With Gerry at the helm, it is beautiful. This CD is a must have.”

                                                                                Billy Childs


“Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio with the legendary Ron Carter and grand Kenny Barron is a musical feast and artistic masterpiece. Don’t miss it.”

                                                                 Dr.Cornel West


It comes as no surprise that Gibbs, with his pedigree and experience supporting a host of legendary bandleaders, would prove to be so consistently fresh and compelling in his latest recording.”

                                         Ashley Khan

                                         (Author of - A Love Supreme)


Gerry Gibbs triumphs with a great musical CD. The pairing of legends Ron Carter and Kenny Barron along with Gibbs, indeed make a dream trio. With new and interesting arrangements on a few popular tunes and standards, the playing is inventive and impeccable. A true gem.

                                                Lenny White



“Gerry is so high energy! I love his passion for the music. Put that together with the giants he chooses to play with on this record and it’s a winning combination. A real treat to hear him on this set, up where the air is rare!”

                                                Jim Keltner



“Exquisite is the word that comes to mind when I hear the Music of these three artist. From the sophisticated interplay between the three artist, and Ron’s deep bottom telepathy like responses and Gerry’s expansive rhythms floating and propelling and Kenny’s lovely touch. Their art is the beauty that is a trio.” 

                                               Wallace Roney



“I love Gerry Gibbs’s new CD Thrasher Dream Trio. Gerry pays respect to the art of the trio in a very personal ,clever and original way. His playing and writing are wonderful, and the addition of two of the Greatest Musicians in the world, makes for a truly exciting project.”

                                                                    Robert Hurst



“This is some of the hardest swingin’ music I have heard in a while.This is a great trio! Gerry is one of my favorite jazz musicians who brings plenty of fire,soul, imagination, and swings with a deep feel like the masters that I grew up listening to adding a fresh modern twist. Best CD, I have heard in a long time. Thank You Gerry!!”

                                                                     Mike Clark



“For straight-ahead jazz in the tradition, it doesn’t get better than this. Three great artist with top notched, challenging arrangements, all played at the highest level. Kudos!!

                                                                     Dave Liebman



“I‘m a fan! His sound, technique, and fluidity within the music is really something to enjoy.The masterful trio of Ron Carter, Kenny Barron and Gerry have made a really beautiful,exciting, and fresh record.Ranging from beautiful ballads, swing standards,and uptempo numbers, this record has it all.”

                                                               Antonio Sanchez



“When I first got to NYC in 1997, I remember going to check out Gerry a lot at the local clubs”. There was no question, he was one of the best drummers in town and was always swinging hard.It wasn’t until later when he played me some of his solo records that I realized the depth of his musicality. He is a formidable bandleader and is also a prolific and unique composer and arranger.This new record is no exception. I highly recommend it!”

                                                                      Ari Honig



            Gerry Gibbs Electric Thrasher Orchestra Plays The Music Of Miles Davis 1967 - 1975                                        


“This is something that I know is a very hard task for any musician: a tribute to Miles Davis. The hardest part is to duplicate the sound and the energy of the group in which I played with Miles for 2.5 years and it is almost impossible to achieve. But for my surprise when I finished listening to what Gerry Gibbs created, I realized that it is very close to what we were doing at that time, which is going to make a lot of people feel good. Congratulations!”

                                                  Airto Moreira

                                                                                                                            Miles Davis Alumni 1970 to 1972


“This new recording by my friend Gerry Gibbs, is clearly proof that he’s been seriously refining his many musical passions. Refreshing. The keywords here, are heart and originality. These compositions combined with the melodic/rhythmic flow of the rich improvisations, creates an interesting and totally enjoyable listening experience. Gerry is emerging as a unique, forward thinking musical talent. Along with his childhood friend Ravi Coltrane, Gerry is among the best and brightest of their generation. While listening to these tunes, I realized just how deeply rooted in the true tradition of highly creative American music, Gerry truly is. Congratulations Gerry! Continue to be bold and never stop taking chances to tell your stories. This is some OUTRAGEOUSLY beautiful music.”

                                                  Bennie Maupin

                                                                                    Bass Clarinet on the 1969 classic Miles Davis “Bitches Brew”


“Gerry Gibbs has created a wonderful reminiscence of a very important period in modern music. This is a recording that won’t stray too far from your CD player or iPod. He has assembled a great group of musicians and they are up to the task of tackling this music of Miles Davis. I can hear the love. Thanks Gerry.”


Music power,


GB.                                                               Gary Bartz

                                                      Miles Davis Alumni 1970, Miles Davis “Live Evil” and “Live At The Cellar Door”


 “I know Gerry is a great and burning drummer, but he has also been also a very astute organizer of projects over the years. This latest one playing much of the music of Miles Davis, circa 1967-’75 is more than just a tribute. It accurately replicates the music with the notes, feel and ambiance but it is more than that because of Gerry’s non stop fiery drumming as well as the great sidemen who play so well. This is a look back but also forward at the same time.”

                                                                       Dave Liebman

                                  Miles Davis Alumni 1973 and saxophonist on Miles Davis “On the Corner” and “Get Up With It”


“Gerry Gibbs is an unsung hero. Gibbs has done his homework! Gerry in the true meaning of the term, is a cultural asset. In terms of the classical music we call “Jazz”. Gerry Gibbs is a pillar of the community.What I mean is, he has studied and played of his knowledge of what has gone before. That is why his music has truth, depth, and maturity. There was a great musician that once told me, that you have to be a great musician to recognize a great instrument, so Gerry Gibbs once again is recognizing and nurturing great talent as he has done before and here as well with this band. These are extraordinary, great musicians that could have only flourished with this project under the circumstances of being recognized by Gerry Gibbs.”

                                                                       Billy Hart

                                              Drummer of “Miles Davis 1972” and drummer of Miles Davis “On the Corner”


Directions in Music as it was termed clearly gives the listener the option of which way you perceived and received this music. Is it Jazz? YES. Is it Rock? YES. Is it Funk? YES. Is it Swing? YES. It is the sum of this and much more. Anytime music creates such controversy that those that are the authorities question what it is, it is something that is new, innovative, and on the brinks of a new frontier. This era of Miles Davis music is the most ground breaking for the things to come thereafter. Gerry Gibbs and the Electric Thrasher Orchestra have done a magnificent job in capturing the original intent of these selections to give yet another splendid rendition of some Miles Davis Gems. In realizing that today’s favorites are tomorrows’ standards, the tunes played here will someday be looked upon as standards of the era.


Since Jazz has always used a standard repertoire as it’s foundation for great jazz players to take off from, the performances here are done with the same spirit and ground-breaking approach as they were originally. Each time played, these songs take on new life. That life is bubbling within each member of this ensemble. Just as in the days of the assortment of musicians that shaped this music with Miles, this band is a fresh interpretation of great works that retain there greatness when played by players that can play the music. The original questions of category still stand while the final answer clearly states that it is good music with something in it for everyone.”


                                            Ndugu Chancler

                                                                                                                                  Miles Davis Alumni 1971



Hey Gerry,


“I got the CD’s and man the Miles thing is great, A different slant on the music and it works. The band has a very loose and open sound. I really liked it. It keeps Miles’ music alive. Good job!”


                                                                                                                             Lenny White

                                                                                              Drummer for Miles Davis 1969 classic “Bitches Brew”

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 6.24.50 PM.png



“Gerry Gibbs is a talent that deserves recognition!”

                                                             McCoy Tyner


“This Gerry Gibbs CD reflects his immense talent as player and writer which is undeniable.”                            

                                         Hubert Laws


“The first impression I get when listening to this incredibly original music is one of optimism. The direction and concept of the recording, reveals an adventurous and joyful spirit,backed up by a thoughtful and masterful craft. Gerry and friends have managed to blend many desperate elements into an entirely organic whole, making each tune a great listening experience. Surprising yet familiar. Bravo!”              

                                            Billy Childs

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 6.09.07 PM.png

                                    GERRY GIBBS THIRD TRIO FROM THE SUN

                                                           FIRST VISIT


“Another exciting and provocative collection of music from Gerry Gibbs! Using a wide sonorous palette, Gerry and his trio take us on wild and compelling musical journeys.”

                                           Michael Brecker


“If Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters band from the 70’s had kept going, this Gerry Gibbs And The Third Trio From The Sun CD is quite possibly what it would sound like. This is an innovative and ground breaking Jazz effort – that’s why you need to go out and buy it.” 


                                                                      Larry Coryell



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